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website-thumbnail.pngOver the past year Extreme Kites has grown considerably, for the first time in a long time Land Kiting especially in Australia has started to see a small resurgence and growth.  The aim of Extreme Kites is to give kiters a place online to share their knowledge, experience and socialise online which we hope in turn leads to people building friendships.  We've found the more people we reach via the website and welcome in to our community the more these individuals become our friends and meet us on a beach.

Last year I completely changed platforms for the website to set ourselves up to be able to grow the community, this resulted in John Holgate taking over as Community Administrator which has given me free time to focus on site development in my spare time, the results have been incredibly positive.  With the new website and amazing contributions from our community members we've arrested the overall decline in kiting numbers in many of our groups simply through a growth of interest.  We now have some more plans in the pipeline, some new features that I have been working on over the past six months which we hope will create a larger knowledge pool, a more valuable resource and a continued growth of interest leading to more friends with kites flying with us.

Up until this point the costs of hosting Extreme Kites, Software Licensing, Prizes and Giveaways (with exception to the first competition) have all been funded from my pocket.  This area of our costs over the next few years I can't really see changing, however to implement the new features planned now requires Extreme Kites to commit to spending money on a monthly basis.  It's not a huge amount of money, however it is a considerable monthly amount and my plan has always been to see Extreme Kites sustain itself so that if ever in the future I completely move on the current group of Administrators at that time can continue to operate a self-sustainable website.  The finance needed to bring these new features to life and sustain the viability of funding those features is a step in this direction.

These changes aren't about to deface the website and turn the whole place in to a flashing disco of distractions ;)  I'll be placing advertising in the right sidebar, and three sections in the main body of the website.  Unlike some websites charging upwards of $550 to $750 a banner, we'll be pricing them at $49/month.  The banners will be small in filesize so we don't slow down general page loads.

For those vehemently against seeing banners we'll offer a membership level for a couple of dollars a month that strips the advertisements, or alternatively just use a free adblocker (which many do already).

If you're a Store Owner, Manufacturer or someone looking to advertise you can purchase a banner location, upload your artwork and publish it all through our Webstore located here.


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Love him or hate him, if you've ever browsed the EK website for tips and advice, classified ads or just to catch up with what fellow land-kiters are up to, then you owe a debt of gratitude to Joel. Not only has he hosted the site for free on his servers for years, but he's kept updating and improving the site at his own expense.to keep it current and cutting-edge while preserving the massive knowledge base accumulated over the years. His enthusiasm and passion for kites and traction kiting. shines through and is one of the reasons this forum has gone from strength to strength while so many others have shut down for lack of interest.

I'm personally not a fan of banner ads but the harsh reality is that somebody has to pay for the service and I'm impressed (and grateful) that this site has managed to avoid it for so long. I think we all owe this new initiative our support.

Thanks Joel and congratulations on the new site - loads quickly, well laid out, easy to navigate and looks good. :good:

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