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World Records on Extreme Kites



Today, Extreme Kites releases a World Kite Records section that allows us to look at the past whilst stepping in to the future. 

The new World Kiting Records section is fully uniform with drag & drop uploads for your GPS images and optional GPS data. It's fully searchable with a set of filters allowing you to really drill down in to the information that has set each record.  You can filter to find out whom the fastest pilots in your country are, perhaps you want to know what the top speed set on a GT-Race buggy is?  Even better, what about finding out the top speed set on Discs with a Peter Lynn Vapor?  All of this and more is either possible today, or within the next month as more information gets added to the database.

Previously we've all been limited to records being maintained in Wiki's, Forum Threads and Personal Blogs.  The one thing that all of these inherited was that they are all up to an individual to maintain whether it was here in our Community or elsewhere.  Instead we've built a system so that there's a whole team from today and forever in to the future maintaining a database of peoples' personal achievements.  

This is just the beginning, last year we went through a whole site redevelopment explaining after years we had to finally take two steps back to be able to move forwards and bring you the type of online experience we wanted.  We did this by launching the new website, then following on with sections like Blogs, Reviews etc.  The Kite Buggy Speed section is just the first, over the coming weeks we'll include more sections along with other kiting disciplines like Landboarding, Kiteboarding, Kite Skates and Snowkiting.  We aim over time, as a team to build the most comprehensive, searchable database of World Kiting Records available.

Kind Regards,

Joel T


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Will there be a Land Yacht Record Section also?

I will need to purchase a GPS which shows the max speed on the screen (like Doug's) so I can submit my times.

Get Idea!

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1 hour ago, mezzararty said:

Will there be a Land Yacht Record Section also?

Absolutely, I've started with the Buggy Speed Records as they're the most plentiful and easiest to get submissions to test the system.  
I'll wait a week then we'll start adding additional categories :good: 

Garmin Etrex 10 is nice and basic, I've got two for my buggy and I'm happy with them.

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1 hour ago, igeighty said:

Hi @.Joel

in the 'sort by' filter. would it be simple to add a 'by speed' ?

It's "by speed" as default, there's just some quirk that keeps coming up when there's "pending approvals" that throws it out the window.  

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On ‎17‎/‎07‎/‎2016 at 11:02 AM, mezzararty said:

On sale at Anaconda - Tax Return Tomorrow - Sold :)

I think there is about to be a run on the eTrex 10's.  What price are you getting from Anaconda?

Anyone know if these are waterproof.  I want to use it for windsurfing too. 

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10 hours ago, 123matt said:

I think there is about to be a run on the eTrex 10's.  What price are you getting from Anaconda?

$127 - but the store says that there was a mistake and that this GPS unit should not have been placed on sale, but because of the screw up, had to sell it at the advertised price - not the original ($159.00) Mine was the last in store (and the online stocks are low also) Whoopsy Anaconda! 

Still Doug bought his for something like $110 a few years back from the same store.

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Any chance of getting the filter section to allow a " select all " in each component. 

So potentially you could filter all together all the buggies, and everything else and just 20-25 knot winds, or just disc wheels, just beach racers, etc

at the moment the selection process becomes so specific, you can't make a comparison.... ie how do certain kites compare at 30 knots.

Yeah it's probably extremely difficult, but I thought I'd ask.

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3 hours ago, Clive said:

Any chance of getting the filter section to allow a " select all " in each component. 

You can select all:

Option 1) Click the first item, scroll to the bottom of the box, hold shift and click the second item.
Option 2) Click the first item, then hold either command on OSX or CTRL on Windows, and select all additional line items you want included in the filter.

On a tablet, just click multiple lines and it puts a tick next to each.

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